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Identity of new Swedish government unclear as nationalist influence grows.

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A literary festival usually features a variety of presentations and readings by authors, as well as other events, delivered over a period of several days, with the primary objectives of promoting the authors' books and fostering a love of literature and writing. Writers' conferences are sometimes designed to provide an intellectual and academic focus for groups of writers without the involvement of the general public. There are many literary festivals held around the world.

A non-exhaustive list is set out below, including dates when a festival is usually held where available. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Literary festivals in Africa. Literary festivals in Asia. List of literary festivals in India. Dalai Lama back in Sweden seven years after 'last ever visit'.

U2 singer Bono mocks Sweden Democrats at Paris concert. Starting a Swedish business. One entrepreneur's guide to navigating the Swedish tax system Starting your own company and navigating taxes can be, well… taxing. PREMIUM Six things we know and six we don't about Sweden's election With a huge question mark still hanging in the air over Sweden's next government, and much else still uncertain, here are six things we know and six we don't about Sweden's political landscape after the election.

Will Swedish values survive the next two weeks? Swedish election results change after reporting error. Will Sweden be able to form a government? European stocks climb after Swedish election relief. Turnout up in Swedish election. Explore the world in style.

Six things to think about before moving abroad with your family Moving is never easy. How do you want to fix Sweden's housing crisis?

What do you want to do to cut personal number red tape in Sweden? Where does your party stand on Swexit? Where does your party stand on dual citizenship? How do you want to make it easier for foreign talent to come to Sweden? Do you want Swedish tests for would-be citizens? How do you want to decrease unemployment among foreigners? Sign up for half price student Membership with The Local.

How Sweden hopes to get more foreign-born residents voting Sweden has one of Europe's highest voter turnouts, but foreign-born residents are less likely than native Swedes to have their say. What's behind the rising inequality in Sweden's schools, and can it be fixed?

The shifting sands of Sweden's immigration debate. Is Sweden's zero-tolerance approach to drugs a failing model? Seven bizarre Swedish academic traditions The Local guides you through Sweden's ancient universities' top academic traditions all foreign students need to know about. How to find student housing in Sweden. Six money-saving hacks for students in Sweden. The reason international students are flocking to the French city of Lyon Two recent graduates of EMLYON in Lyon explain why both the business school and the city are perfect for ambitious students seeking international careers.

Swedish tech news In partnership with. Sweden axes 'world's most democratic Twitter account' Sweden's official Twitter project 'Curators of Sweden', which lets ordinary Swedes tweet from its account, will come to an end this month — after almost seven years of grabbing global headlines. Sweden set to become global leader in artificial intelligence. Swedish healthcare industry booming in China. Top tips for working in Sweden. Worker shortage in three quarters of Swedish professions: Unemployment drops among immigrants in Sweden.

Stockholm School of Economics. What next for Sweden after election nailbiter? Identity of new Swedish government unclear as nationalist influence grows. Sweden PM invites opposition to talks as far-right make election gains. Swedish woman applied to change name to 'Nazi'. Trump's trade war stalls Volvo's business plans.

Sweden faces uncertainty after dead-heat election. Sweden to return artwork looted by Nazis to Jewish family Sweden's national modern art gallery is to return a painting seized by Germany's Nazi regime to the descendants of the Jewish art dealer who originally owned it.

Four writers shortlisted for 'the new Nobel Literature Prize'. Six reasons expat parents should consider distance learning or boarding school A new academy is shaking up traditional distance learning with a combined approach that strikes the perfect balance for expat families. Sweden's election is being misreported abroad — and this is a problem. Sweden and India — the many flavours of two thriving democracies. A Woman's Place at Almedalen Week "If you just have an organisation with white men, it's going to be very boring.

Child mortality rate 1. How to make sweetened lingonberries Possibly the most Swedish food there is. Swedish recipe of the week: Two of the 'world's greatest places to stay' are in Sweden. Kings, queens and jesters: Can you spell these Swedish words correctly? How to talk about politics like a Swede.

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